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Desi / गावरानी Chicken 1.400kg-1.600kg

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Country chickens are fed a balanced diet of natural/agricultural/plant based materials like maize, soya and sunflower extracts, rice derivatives, greens, vitamins, minerals and the like. The feed does not contain antibiotics, growth promoters, chemicals and other artificial boosters.

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About Desi / गावरानी

Country chicken is not just healthier but also tastier than Broiler chicken. It has a very varied diet and plenty of exercise and exposure to nature. This helps in developing the complexity of the meat’s flavour.

In a country where meat still remains a rare luxury for many people, the cheap price of the broilers make it more attractive for a lot the consumers, but the nutritional value in broiler chicken is much lesser than the country chicken.

Country chicken’s meat is harder than broiler chicken’s meat due to the extra physical exertion. Hence, marination is recommended for country chicken since it makes the meat soft and tender. We make it ready to cook for you by providing freshly marinated chicken too.

Weight scale during cutting

Variety of chicken’s Chicken before cutting Chicken after cutting (Roasted) Chicken after cutting (Roasted)
1-Cockrail 1Kg 680Gm to 750Gm 600Gm to 650Gm
2-Desi ( Gavrani) 1Kg 700Gm to 750Gm 600Gm to 650Gm

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